How To Limit Concurrent Logins From The Same User On Your Moodle LMS?

unique login plugin

Netflix, don’t get any ideas! Updated on May 9th, 2019 Should you be concerned if the credentials of one Moodle user are used simultaneously in more than one system? In some cases, it could be case for concern. By default, Moodle does not prohibit multiple logins from the same user account. If an admin is […]

Moodlepreneur Monday: Don’t Put Roadblocks In Your Conversion Funnel

Even the highest quality course can stumble under a faulty login page. Take note of the following easy to miss but potentially dramatic obstacles keeping your users from doing, learning and buying more on your site, courtery of Paradiso Solutions. Grueling sign-up pages It is getting harder to justify the absence of one-click login, also […]

Paradiso Announces Upgraded Integration is a customer relationship management software that is used by fortune 500 companies, small shops and everyone inbetween. It features a robust suite of products and tools designed to help you manage the flow of potential users through your site, tracks them as they become paying customers and provides you the ability to reach […]

Moodle Mobile SSO Options Force users to Authenticate through the Browser

Juan Leyva has posted a quick video that illustrates how Administrators can use Moodle Mobile with existing SSO and MNET authentication. Once installed and configured Administrators can set whether students can login “via the app” or “via a browser window”, the browser window will allow users to authenticate properly and still use the app on their mobile […]

Integrate Moodle and Microsoft Office 365 through AD

Microsoft has put out a few Office related plugins for Moodle in the past, their newest is a guide and tools to integrate your Office 365 accounts to Moodle using Active Directory (, essentially a way to provision users in your Moodle from a separate database system automatically and give them a way to single […]

@jasontbedell gets #WP and Moodle to play nice

Jason Bedell, who just ran a successful TeachMeet event in Nashville recently posted a great tutorial on how to authenticate users from WordPress Multi User into Moodle.  This means that the most popular open source blogging platform was linked via single sign on (SSO) to the most popular open source learning management system. For any […]