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Companies impact people’s lives, since most of the time of their working life they are on the installations and even more so if there are people working in multinational companies. It is clear that companies benefit society in the sense of providing employment opportunities and generating technological advances, but they can also have a negative […]

Development Hub Special: The Other Afghanistans


A few months ago, news that shook the world coming from Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban brought a poignant element involving the education of girls, which included a saga involving an all-girls robotics team. As we speak, the new government seems to be conceding in some of its initial intent to prohibit all […]

Do You Factor Your Students In When Choosing An Elearning Management System?

Do You Factor Your Students In When Choosing An Elearning M?anagement System?

The most popular invention for young learners in the 19th century was undoubtedly the radio. In the 20th, it’s a close call between the TV and the Internet. Will the LMS be the 21th century’s most beloved youth invention? At its most succinct, a Learning Management System is a platform where the learner meets tools […]

6 Easy Tricks to Engage your Learners

6 Easy Tricks to Engage your Learners

Online teaching is expected to be the ‘new norm’ in the future of education, even after COVID-19. Though distance learning can offer exciting opportunities, it can also open Pandora’s box if one expects it to work by bringing in the practices of real classroom teaching to it.

9 Best Ways Technology Can Help Prospective Students Try Out A Career Before Deciding

How technology can help students try out a career before deciding

By Bella, Assignment Expert Technology never ceases to provide exciting experiences for students. Increasingly, many students around the world are able to benefit not just from entertaining content, but also valuable educational activities. Plus, the more familiar and comfortable with technology they get, especially in the business world, the more employable they become in the […]

How Moodle Can Prevent ‘Meaningless’ Teaching

How Moodle Can Prevent ‘Meaningless’ Teaching

Throughout most of the world, teaching is an underappreciated job. But recent evidence across the globe shows the many variations in which they struggle. There was the Time cover series on what it’s like to be a teacher in the US, which most colleagues in emerging countries (both my parents included) would deem as comfortable. […]