A Buyer’s Guide To AI In Education

Follow our AI Competency Roadmap series Artificial Intelligence research increases, and we get new algorithms surpassing academic performance benchmarks on an almost weekly basis. The real effect of them on people’s lives, however, lies on what we wold like to call the “AI Supply Chain.” And there is few who disagree with the fact that […]

Totara Code Available On GitHub (Update: Totara Code No Longer Available On GitHub)

2021 Update. Totara no longer provides their source code to the public. According to the Moodle repository for Totara on GitHub: «[The Totara source code i]s not being updated because our access to the original repository was terminated shortly after distributing this clone.» Moodle Workplace code is also not publicly available. If you’re interested in […]

Dark Learning? Why You Should Consider Adding A ‘Night Mode’ To Your LMS

LMS Dark Mode

July 2020 Update. At this time, no one from the “LMS Space Race” features a fully supported dark mode theme. This article is aimed mainly at developers and designers. The introduction of a “dark mode” on MoodleNet, Moodle LMS’ social network for educators, still in testing stage, reportedly became a team favorite. This has sparked […]

In The Age Of Social, How Social Is Your Learning?

In The Age Of Social, How Social Is Your Learning?

By Andrew Das, Paradiso Solutions. Updated on February 18, 2020 We might think is it not possible to learn new things when we are having a good time. In reality, we are learning even then. In some cases, especially when. This is the essence of social learning, and observation is the way it works. Observe, […]

Is Moodle Workplace For You? Find Out With This Video Primer

A massive effort, under wraps for a long time and most of it still behind a veil, underscores the anticipation for Moodle Workplace, the non-Open Source effort by the company behind the most popular LMS in the world to catch the corporate sector’s eye. Fortunately, Moodle Partners from the UK Titus Learning have published the […]

eThink Stories: With GO1, Premium Totara & Moodle Partner To ‘Supercharge’ World’s Workforces

In the midst of a busy conference season, eThink Education introduced yet another exciting partnership with training content providers GO1, further positioning themselves as a leading “one-stop-shop” eLearning solutions provider for institutions and organizations. As the largest Totara and Moodle Partner worldwide, the decision should not come as a surprise. “Personally, I have been looking […]