10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

10 Best Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Your corporate training software choice can make a world of difference in employee engagement, retention, efficiency, and productivity. As such, it can also lead to more profitability. To help you make an excellent choice for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best corporate LMS solutions. Let’s dig in. ProProfs Corporate LMS ProProfs […]

The Power of VR in High-Stakes Training with Mike Todd, Near-Life

My guest for today is Mike Todd. Mike is the CEO of Near-Life, a company that develops Virtual Reality and interactive video solutions and tools. With clients including USAID and the World Health Organization, Mike and his clients are convinced of the power of immersive content for high-stakes training.     In this exciting conversation we […]

The Arlo plugin for Moodle, Engagement and You

. Presented by Arlo, sponsor of the eLearning Sucess Summit: Cracking the Code on Learner Engagement. Arlo makes engaging training and event management a breeze. Promote, sell and deliver your events or courses with Arlo! visit arlo.co to learn more. Arlo for Moodle is the top plugin for commercial training providers who are looking to […]

Custom V Off-the-shelf Training Management Software: What’s Right For Your Business?

Custom V Off-the-shelf Training Management Software: What’s Right For Your Business?

By Arlo TeamArlo is a Sponsor of the eLearning Success Summit There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to software for managing training businesses. For small, internal team training, a simple scheduling and logistics tool would suffice, without the need for e-commerce or finance and accounting. For medium to large commercial businesses […]

Crafting The Perfect Blend In Project Management Training

Case Study Parallel Project Training’s marketing-leading approach to blended learning

With a mix of elearning modules, quizzes, podcasts, on-demand and face-to-face webinars, Parallel Project Training delivers market-leading blended learning courses for project management professionals. Established in 2009, Parallel Project Training is one of the UK’s leading project management training providers, delivering courses for the Association for Project Management qualifications. They were the first company to introduce a […]

INTRODUCING: The eLearning Podcast! Episode №1 — Dr. Britt Andreatta

Britt is is the CEO of 7th Mind and an internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain science–based solutions for today’s challenges by drawing on her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and learning. Britt has published several books on the brain science of success including her most recent which is called, Wired to Grow: […]

eThink Stories: With GO1, Premium Totara & Moodle Partner To ‘Supercharge’ World’s Workforces

In the midst of a busy conference season, eThink Education introduced yet another exciting partnership with training content providers GO1, further positioning themselves as a leading “one-stop-shop” eLearning solutions provider for institutions and organizations. As the largest Totara and Moodle Partner worldwide, the decision should not come as a surprise. “Personally, I have been looking […]

Get Your LMS Business (AND Your Business LMS) Started IN 2019

Get Your Business Started With LMS In 2017

UPGRADED in July 1st, 2019. An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a platform that allows learning organizations (schools, universities, colleges, as well as companies, non-profits or government offices) to deliver learning content to their employees, partners and associates. Organizations have trouble quantifying the benefits of internal learning initiatives. But in recent time, more evidence […]