Top eLearning Trends Influencing Education In 2022 — And Beyond

What will the world of education look like in, say, five years? With digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and new learning technologies reshaping how we work, learn, and interact, it’s hard to predict the future. But staying ahead of the curve requires continuous innovation and a forward-thinking mindset. Learners demand more from their educational experiences than […]

Learn from Anywhere—And Beyond! The Case For L&D Access

We have all learned now that it is possible to work and learn from anywhere in the world. The technology exists to make this possible. You need a solid internet connection and a connected device. This can be a laptop, a phone or tablet, or perhaps a virtual reality headset. The fact of the matter […]

The Power of VR in High-Stakes Training with Mike Todd, Near-Life

My guest for today is Mike Todd. Mike is the CEO of Near-Life, a company that develops Virtual Reality and interactive video solutions and tools. With clients including USAID and the World Health Organization, Mike and his clients are convinced of the power of immersive content for high-stakes training.     In this exciting conversation we […]

The Emotional Power of VR in Education

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally published at For years, education stakeholders have seen huge potential in the use of VR in education. And for years, it has remained just that: Potential, promise, a (virtual) reality that waits around the corner. Devices remain expensive. Experiences are limited and solitary. And in […]

Do Men And ‘Gamers’ Benefit More From VR In Their Learning?

Do Men And 'Gamers' Benefit More From VR In Their Learning

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally posted at Instruction using Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR\VR) has been gaining steam in undergraduate education. Especially in subjects in which learners need to understand and study 3D objects—medicine, engineering, math, and other STEM fields—many educators believe the technology has huge potential. But it’s also […]

EdTech Is A Springboard, Not A Driver For Learning, Professional Development Veteran Argues

Bersin by Deloitte is slowly becoming a competitive resource for lifelong learners at any point in their career; as well as for professionals in the growing Professional Development sub-industry. The blog’s founder, Josh Bersin, is an industry influencer. In the decades in which his career spans, fads, trends and technological solutions have touched the professional […]

Moodle 2032: How Uncertain Is The Future?

Moodle 2032

We complete MoodleNews Founder Joe Thibault’s survey of expert Moodlers with the sixth, and arguably the most complex, question. This tends to be the case when the most critical piece of information is precisely the one most clouded by uncertainty. It pertains to the future, its perils, and whether we’re ready for it. It is […]

Virtual And Augmented Reality Technologies Were Born For Corporate Learning

The turbulent evolution of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) started as far back as the 1950s, on sequences of hype and excitement about its possibilities across fields, only to be followed by disillusion and abandonment. This time around, however, there is reason to believe that they will no longer be dismissed as a solution in […]