Accessible Pulse: 2021 Recap

accessibility pulse

Welcome to the Accessibility Hub 2021 Recap: Tips, Compliance and the Roadmap from WCAG 2 to 3. Here’s what made the news in accessibility and eLearning in 2021: The case against overlays W3C Accessibility Education Framework Accessibility Summit WCAG 3 Drafts The case against Userway? Why accessibility practitioners dislike overlays Are accessibility overlays, the likes […]

Take These 4 Life Lessons In Moodle Development

Take These 4 Life Lessons In Moodle Development

Life coach and PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) Michael Milette, developer of the plugins Moodle eMail Test, Contact Form, FilterCodes and the Training theme, shares with the community his “do”s and “don’t”s when it comes to Moodle development. #1 Do: Turn on Developer Debugging mode. Don’t: Disregard warning messages. Moodle offers a series of developer tools, of […]

Dark Learning? Why You Should Consider Adding A ‘Night Mode’ To Your LMS

LMS Dark Mode

July 2020 Update. At this time, no one from the “LMS Space Race” features a fully supported dark mode theme. This article is aimed mainly at developers and designers. The introduction of a “dark mode” on MoodleNet, Moodle LMS’ social network for educators, still in testing stage, reportedly became a team favorite. This has sparked […]

For Moodle Authoring Tool Moodle CourseArc, Quality Matters

Learning content creation platform CourseArc is announcing its partnership with Quality Matters, an organization focused in maintaining quality standards and evaluating industry participants. Quality Matters builds a hefty volume of content for workshops and courses walking users through its standard and measuring processes, deployed year long. With the announcement, the company will build its content […]

Mapping How The Moodle 3.6 Stars Align. Moodle Forum Beat

Mapping How The Moodle 3.6 Stars Align. Moodle Forum Beat

Weeks away from its bearing, Moodle Open Source Development Coordinator, Sander Bengma lists Moodle 3.6’s main threads the team is working on towards the November date, when the third “usability release” is is available across the Moodleverse. Improvements to the Dashboard and Course Overview. Some of the most contentious debate in recent time begin here. […]

What Were You Capable Of During Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

What Were You Capable Of During Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

May 17th was the 7th edition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). It might have gone unnoticed by many, as for many students and users of Learning Management Systems, issues and roadblocks are just part of their daily routine. But as time goes by, issues are less and less common in some places of the […]

‘Parceiros’ Gathered In MoodleMoot Brazil 2017-Rio, The ‘Middle’ Moot

If there is a lesson that can be learned from either Brazil’s Moots or their national men’s soccer team, it is that reaching the top is, above all, a matter of staying on the game. It’s no coincidence Brazil is now the third Moodle country with more than five thousand registered sites. So let’s spruce […]

Set Your Watches To 3.3. Latest Moodle Release Only Days Away, Prototypes Available

The Moodle Prototype site is brimming with updates as the time for Moodle 3.3 approaches… The update is scheduled for May. Here is a look at the features currently in the works, courtesy of the official Moodle blog. Tip: Log in to each prototype as a manager, if available. It will enable a “Switch role to…” option […]

Guest Videoconference, Visual Moodle Quizzes, X-Ray Analytics: Moodlerooms 3 Released

Moodle partner Blackboard has finally launched Moodlerooms 3. Moodlerooms 3 is based on Moodle 3 and adopts all its improvement. This includes better responsiveness for Moodle Mobile. It also adds some proprietary functionality to blocks like Chat, Survey and Choice. It integrates with ePortfolio system Mahara. Mahara has been a long partner for Moodlers. Many teachers and moodlepreneurs […]

Moodle Developers: Contribution guide for beginners

In a recent post on Moodle forums one of the new developer asked about help regarding the contribution guide for beginners. Many fellow moodlers posted a lot of useful tips out of which I am sharing few useful ones: