How Moodle Can Avoid The Fate And Failures Of Wikispaces

How Moodle Can Avoid The Fate And Failures Of Wikispaces

Last week, Wikispaces announced its decision to shut down, along with its “Wikispaces Classroom” and “Free Wikis” tiers. According to the the announcement, these components did not provide enough revenue and did not make sense as a marketing or adoption tool. Wikispaces Classroom users will be able to download their content until July 31, 2018. […]

Set Up A ‘Feature Friday’ To Jumpstart Your Team Moodle Skills

Set Up A ‘Feature Friday’ To Jumpstart Your Team Moodle Skills

The official Moodle blog has launched its “Feature Friday,” looking to create a tradition of highlighting new and existing features available in recent Moodle versions. With several issues made in the past year, a recap post promotes the establishment of “Feature Friday” for teams and organizations. Not unlike a study group, a different member could […]

The Moodle Wiki, A Crash Course In Fact Trustworthiness

Everyone uses Wikipedia, but there is a well-documented stigma from academia around the site (and similar Wiki-based operations by extension.) Sometimes, professors dismiss or ban usage of the site in the classroom—though admittedly this can be justified in some cases. A more detrimental behavior is to actively campaign against its use in general, even though […]

How to export Moodle lesson activity as PDF files #Moodletips

“How can I export the Moodle lesson activities as PDF files for offline usage by the students?” Moodle newcomers often ask this question in moodle forums. However, Moodle doesn’t support exporting the course activities as PDF by core. However, there are few plugins which allows you to export the contents of the activity into PDF […]

Moodle Workshop And Other Activities Explained. Teaching With Moodle MOOC: Week 2

As we have come to expect, interesting people from all background and ages are enjoying the month-long online gathering of “Moodlers”. Teachers, educators and otherwise learning enthusiasts from all places and backgrounds move towards getting to know (and love) the name in Open Source LMS (Learning Management System). We follow-up with week two, to run […]

Add A Collaborative And Social Creation Space In Your Moodle With The SocialWiki Plugin

NMAI Lab is bringing to Moodle a practical answer to the age old question: What would happen if the Facebook and Wikipedia planets collided? Before SocialWiki, I though it would look something like this: Simulation of two planets colliding With the SocialWiki plugin, users can add content to wiki pages. Avoiding “edit wars” altogether, each […]

Moodle Mobile 3.0.0 Is On The Street

moodle moible 3.0.0 recently announce the release of Moodle Mobile 3.0.0. The update, as you would expect, adds a few complete new features and continues to refine and enhance the overall Mobile experience. New features The 3.0.0 release now offers users the opportunity to browse Wiki pages. (As noted before, you’ll need to be running Moodle 2.6 […]