Pro’s Prefs: Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

Pro's Prefs Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

With the help of the best eLearning platforms, you can easily learn to generate healthy content that can help in increasing the worth of the lines and making it informational for the audience. Online tools can be quite handy in several regards, directly or indirectly related to your eLearning practice. We asked nearly a hundred […]

Schools Of Thought In Instructional Design

B.F Skinner was one of the first people to publish on instructional design. On an early article, he mentions the importance of didactic materials, including steps to follow, questions and feedback. This contribution is based on one of the author’s theories called Operant Conditioning Theory, which consists of learning through rewards and punishments, drawing the […]

5 Types Of Distractions That Can Ruin The Elearning Experience

5 Types Of Distractions That Can Ruin The Elearning Experience

By the Edwiser Team, the King of Premium Moodle Themes and Plugins. As a responsible elearning professional in the pandemic world, you have taken up the noble task of teaching your students online. First things first: You successfully set up a comprehensive elearning system. Then, you create awesome course content that cuts through all the […]

Get The “Learn Moodle Beginner Admin” Video Playlist Before The Official MOOC

Since last year, Moodle HQ has been “threatening” us with a broader “Learn Moodle” offering, beyond the traditional semiannual “Learn Moodle Basics” MOOC following every major release. And, it looks like they’re finally delivering. In fairness, “Learn Moodle Basics” is not the only course currently offered by Moodle officially. There is also the self-paced Learn […]

The Most Popular, Non-Pet Related Moodle Videos Of The Week

It took me a shamefully long time to learn about the Maltese-Poodle hybrid dog breed. Why even the most innocent “Moodle” online search shows lots of adorable miniature, fluffy doggies? I have not ruled out the possibility of a significant correlation, thought. Does being a Moodler increase the chances of being a toy-dog lover? Is […]

Moodlepreneur Monday: The State Of Moodle Video Business

Moodlepreneur Monday The State Of Moodle Video Business

“Education video platform” Kaltura has released the “State of Video in Education 2018” report, the first annual edition. 820 survey respondents, mostly instructional designers, educators, and IT admins, share their views on video, which should serve as a reference or source of inspiration for the Moodlepreneurs out there. Three main sections make up the report: […]

Moodle Plugins, Themes, And E-Commerce: Check Out DualCube’s Gifts To The Moodleverse

Moodle Plugins, Themes And E-Commerce: Check Out DualCube’s Gifts To The Moodleverse

From Salt Lake City, Utah, DualCube is doing its part to make Moodle useful for small learning businesses. Early on, the team pioneered the celebrity match “MooWoodle” or Moodle + WooCommerce, open source e-commerce solution from the creators of WordPress. By offering this twofold expertise and a catchy name to match, DualCube is making a […]

Make Your Moodle Look Like A Website With One Weird Trick

Entrepreneurial teacher, slowly burning YouTube star, and 2015 Mimio blog’s top 20 influencer, Russell Stannard, has published his one “great design trick.” Feel free to skip to the one minute mark to get his insight on web design, where he illustrates how to turn links to course sections into buttons in order to avoid Moodle’s default navigation […]

Relive The First Moodle Open Panel Live. MoodleMoot US 2017-NOLA

Continuing the efforts to get the community more involved and to participate more freely, the closing event at MoodleMoot US 2017: New Orleans, held last July within Blackboard’s BbWorld, featured a panel with Moodle HQ’s Martin Dougiamas, Brian Carlson, Tom Murdock. and Jason Hardin. It encouraged attendees to voice questions and concerns, start a conversation […]