The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Support Your Learning Case In Moodle With Zoola [LAR Series #5]

Updated on August 14, 2020 The ROI on Learning is a powerful framework to understand the relationship between elearning and performance. On one end, there is an “organizational mission statement,” which in most cases centers around profit, or financial sustainability at least. Recently, teams, particularly those following agile project management approaches, have embraced the “core […]

Lambda Solutions, Zoola Analytics, And The Curious Case Of xAPI Underachievement

Lambda Solutions, Zoola And The Curious Case Of xAPI Underachievement

xAPI is one of the most groundbreaking technologies that have ever fallen upon the EdTech world. Its presence will be felt for decades and will transform every participating solution in the ecosystem. All the previous statements are true, widespread, and largely accepted. So why is the excitement lacking? Where is the “killer” xAPI app? Could […]

Check Out Ben Young’s Top 10 Moodle Plugin Picks

Check Out Ben Young's Top 10 Moodle Plugin Picks

Do you want your plugin, theme, Moodle site or custom development featured in our Top of 2018? Let us highlight you first! Contact us (Twitter, Facebook) for sharing your latest work with the community. Is Moodle plugin curation something that would interest you? Then take a page from Ben Young, Lambda Solutions Director of Learning […]

Brandon Hall Group Awards Zoola Analytics Excellence Award In Technology

BHG Awarded Zoola Analytics Heads After The Quantified Moodle Market

In EdTech (Educational Technologies), the old adage “build it and they will come” still rings true. Receiving recognition for a commitment to quality and service, however, is always a nice feather in your cap. Lambda Solutions, a “leader in open learning” and a Moodle Partner, recently announces its 2016 recognition by the Brandon Hall Group, of its […]