Most wanted: Top eLearning Keywords

The Most Wanted: Top eLearning Keywords In October

Have keywords become a new reference about the zeitgeist? Hard to refute. What’s true is that keywords have become a currency that helps transactions between users and web-facing businesses. The business of making a name, or a term alluding to a more complex concept, rise above must not be taken for granted. Millions of users […]

Will The New Events And App Marketplace Keep Zoom Relevant?

Will The New Events And App Marketplace Keep Zoom Relevant?

After an unusual and spectacular 2020, an inevitable if maybe unfair question hovers over Zoom‘s head: Will it be able to maintain the rate of growth of the last year? The public has been waiting for the answer. Now the massively popular video conferencing tool offers two: Zoom Events and the Zoom Marketplace. What are […]

The Zoombombing Saga: $85 Million USD Settlement Special

Zoom Zoombombing Video Conference Live Classroom

Click here to jump straight to the Open Source Video alternatives. Updated on August 12 with the news of the out-of-court settlement of a class action lawsuit filed in California. What’s the price on your privacy? According to a U.S. District Court in California, about a 15% discount in your monthly Zoom subscription. On early […]

Zoom Meeting Plugin Now Available For Moodle 3.11

Zoom Meeting Plugin for Moodle

Zoom, another webinar tool for web-based meetings and synchronous sessions, has a straightforward —and unofficial— plugin to integrate with Moodle-based LMS. Install it in your system to provide direct access to Zoom rooms from within course sections or really anywhere. Students will join right away, with their LMS profile names on display. The Zoom plugin […]

Una Nueva Manera De Grabar Clases Para Tus Estudiantes: Qué Es Panopto

For English, press here En esta guía: Clasificando a Panopto Cómo funciona Modelo de negocios Por qué Panopto Cómo empezar ¿Es Panopto confiable? ¿Es Panopto efectivo? Haciendo un mejor uso de Panopto Precios de Panopto en 2021 EN RESUMEN: Qué es Panopto El mayor desafío que ha tenido que enfrentar la educación remota, es garantizar […]

A New Way To Record Lessons For Your Students: What Is Panopto

Disponible en Español On this guide: Making sense of Panopto How it works Panopto’s business model Why use Panopto (or a competitor) Getting started with Panopto Is Panopto safe? Is Panopto accessible? Is it effective Using Panopto like a pro Panopto pricing in 2021 People also ask TO SUM UP: what is Panopto? The biggest […]

10 Tips To Improve Employee Productivity and Performance Through Elearning

10 Tips To Improve Employee Productivity and Performance Through Elearning

By Don Weobong, President, eLeaPSoftware.comWatch Don’s talk, “A Culture that Captivates” at the Elearning Success Summit Every organization will struggle with productivity and performance at some point. It’s all part of the development cycle. It comes from many different places. From onboarding, to moving someone to a higher position while their replacement gets up to […]

Universities Won’t Fix Distance Education—And They Might Endanger Elearning Forever

As many institutions that are currently in crisis, universities were on a downward slope the coronavirus would only make steeper. With skyrocketing tuition costs, the financial ROI of a college degree was becoming less enticing for a larger number of students. Enrollments are about to near a decade of continuous decline. While still prestigious, the […]

Open LMS Status Update: Managing Director Phillip Miller On Elearning Leadership Today

They were transitioning times for Open LMS —formerly Blackboard Open LMS— when the company announced the move from its Reston, Virginia parent to a new home under the encompassing roof of London-based Learning Technologies Group (LTG). Then, in a matter of days, the pandemic struck, bringing along drastic global lockdowns, school closures, then a sweeping […]