11 successful years of Moodle & Google Summer of Code 2017 #gsoc17

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Google Summer of Code 2017 – the global program to bring out more student developers has given a star to Moodle. In May 2017, Moodle Mobile team leader, Juan Leyva selected Diwakar Moturu to work on a project titled “Improve End-To-End Testing in the Mobile App.”
Last week, Diwakar successfully completed the Google Summer of Code project under the mentorship of Juan leyva – Moodle Mobile app team leader. The project is all about improving the Moodle mobile app testing process during development and before each new release.
After the successful completion of the project, Juan Leyva – Mentor of Diwakar Moturu for this project said:

Thanks to Diwakar’s work we have now a complete set of automatic tests that will notify us if we accidentally introduced regressions in the code. This means that we have new tools to guarantee that new versions of the mobile app are 100% stable.

During the project duration, Diwakar kept his progress in his journal to reflect the lifetime of the project.

The final product delivered upon the successful completion of the project,  is available at –
Whole moodle development team congratulated Diwakar on successfully completing the GSoC project.


Diwakar’s other contributions to Moodle Mobile Project:

Apart from participating in the GSoC project, Diwakar has also contributed in Moodle Mobile and resolved some critical bugs and added new features. Some of them are:

  • MOBILE-1512 Add Module Prefetch Info in Context Menu for all Modules
  • MOBILE-1157 Add Title, Description in all Resource Modules from Module Prefetch
  • MOBILE-1789 Add Message Search functionality via WebServices
  • MOBILE-1955 Increase the size & padding of some icons
  • MOBILE-2050 Modify the font-size of headlines in .item mm-format-text
  • MOBILE-1843 Quick fix for Dev Env Setup failure, Appium Issue
  • MOBILE-2095 Minor Code refactoring for sorting functionality.

Here is an interview of Diwakar with Moodle HQ team about his journey during his GSoC project with Moodle.
Hearty congratulations from MoodleWorld team to Diwakar for successfully completing the project and being an open source enthusiast. We are proud of you as an Indian.

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