2.0 is coming early 2010

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moodle20roadmapThe pending release of Moodle2.0 is sure to excite Moodlers far and wide.  The feature set previewed in the forums and tracker at show that Moodle is growing up and into a next generation learning management system.  Recently, at a list of new or refreshed Moodle 2.0 features was created and their various impacts were detailed.

A few highlights include

  • Moodle’s redesigned theme system which will perhaps allow for easier theme building and customization, but at the very least will give users a fresh set of Moodle themes from the get-go.  Patrick Malley, who has designed many a crisp, attractive theme joined the effort to ensure the most benefit to Moodlers.
  • The inability to restore backed up courses from previous versions.  While this may seem like a major drawback, it may also be a huge motivator for installations and enterprise hosting companies to push system upgrades in the short term.  For certain, the release of Moodle2.0 will garner much attention in the LMS world, but may not kick off a mass exodus from 1.9 or earlier versions until the software has been proven stable.

For more information visit’s v2.0 roadmap.

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