3 Moodle Blocks from @SchoolsICT

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SchoolsICT (, a Moodle consulting company has released three cool Moodle blocks that are available for download directly from their site.  The blocks each have a specific integration with an existing technology or web service, but each also builds additional capabilities into a Moodle installation (and the fact that they’re giving them away for free download is a bonus as well).

From their site:

Ian Tasker of SchoolsICT was the developer of SIMS2Moodle and open-source solution integrating SIMS and Moodle. SchoolsICT’s SIF2MOODLE product takes the lead and is the next generation of interoperability between SIMS/CMIS and Moodle enabling Parental Engagement beyond the basic expectations of many.

These are the three Blocks (with links):

  1. Timetable Week Block:
  2. Papercut Print Quotas Block:
  3. Zimbra SSO Block:

Zimbra is a leading provider of open source email and collaboration software that schools can readily implement, the SSO block provides a single sign-on solution for integrating Zimbra and Moodle.

Papercut is a web-based monitoring tool for printing and internet usage, “PaperCut allows user to see their printing quota balance and the impact of  that printing.”

SchoolsICT provides instructions and additional integration information on their site –

6 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I can’t download Zimbra single sign on? I got a message saying to contact administrator… Is there another way to download this ??

  2. I have also registered and added the block’s to my ‘order’, still finding it troublesome to download the blocks.

    Can’t you just publish a download link or add to repository – Everyone else does…

  3. Hi Nebojsa,

    We have processed your order and you should have recieved an email detailing how to download the blocks.

    If you login at and click on My Product and Services from there you can download the files.

    Hi Lewis,

    I have looked at our registered users and can’t see your name listed.

    Have you registered under a different name? If you have please let me know and i will have a look into your order.

  4. By registering on our site we can keep you informed of upgrades to the blocks that we provide. You also have access to a free support service if it is needed.

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