A Peek Into the Next Edwiser Course Format Update. Here’s What You Can Expect

edwiser course format update

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Having a great time with Moodle? Perfect! Let the good times multiply. We are rolling out the updated version of Edwiser Course Formats. The new course format version 1.0.3 is packed with interesting features. Here’s a sneak peek into it.

What made us come up with this update?

Earlier, we did not have a dedicated section for displaying the course and its details, all at a single place. In the updated version, we now have a devoted section that provides a general overview of the course. This includes the course summary, the course progress bar and the list of all the activities associated with a specific course presented more clearly. In this update, our aim was to refine the general section and turn it into a course introduction section, where both teachers and students can quickly get the big picture.

In case you are wondering how the previous Edwiser Course Format version was like, you could check it out here.

Why is it important? 

Students are more likely to enroll in courses they know something about. They should know what they are about to sign up for. With the new committed section for course details, it is convenient for them to pick and choose from the wide range of courses offered by you. The reason being, everything related to that course can be accessed easily through one section. 

The course image and summary will provide additional information on the course. The activity list will tell them what they could expect or what the course entails practically. All the information is right in front of them simplifying the decision-making process. So, the navigation overhead for your students is gone. 

We have incorporated a few changes here for your convenience.

#1. For starters, the ‘General’ section has been made even more attractive. Announcing the Visually enhanced ‘General section’.

The following changes have been made to refine the ‘General’ section

A better looking ‘General’ section to crank up the user engagement factor. Moreover, a visually appealing general section can help in increasing your student retention rate. We have attempted to transform the General section into a Course Introduction section. As we have made this section more attractive and navigable, there are high chances a student would stick around longer.

Course Image Addition into the Edwiser Card Format Do you wish to add course images not only in the list format but also in the card format? If yes, then there is a reason to rejoice. You can now add relevant images of your choice for a particular course in the Edwiser Format. For instance, in the below image, can clearly understand what the course is about due to the relevant course image added. In this case, the image is pretty relevant to the course ‘Home Based Care – Home Based Education’. It is not only easier to relate or understand for the students but also for the teachers.

A new overall ‘Course Progress’ bar to track student progress made in the course in a holistic way. Students knowing how far they have reached in a particular course is a nice way to stay motivated as well as updated. For instance, a little progress made in a course may tell students their current standing. They can prepare themselves accordingly to work towards gradually finishing the course. It gives them that little push to cover the course instead of aimlessly studying it.

Elaborate course description to give a clear idea of the course to the users. Students can go through the summary of the course details. This information about the course will come in handy for the students so that they can make a better decision. 

Teachers too can benefit from this feature. They can use this section like a canvas and have detailed course summaries on it. It gives them a platform to introduce their courses better and tell more about their courses. 

Course ‘Resume’ button added to the General/Course introduction section for students/users to go back to the last visited activity and continue the course from there. Imagine coming back to an incomplete course after a long time and your students don’t know where to begin again. The ‘Resume’ button will get rid of this confusion and keep the students engaged as before. It will help students pick up from where they left off. So, this can help prevent students from dropping off your course.  

Facelifted course activities list to have an organized view of all your activities. We have revamped the display of the course activity list in this section by adding the ‘show more’ button. 

Unnecessary activities can lead to a disconnect. A teacher should only add relevant activities as part of the course. This is key for good user interaction and engagement. 

As a course instructor, you could add your priority activities as the top three ones, which will be visible to your students. This way, your students would know what all tasks to expect during the course if they plan to take that course.  For example, a resource like a book containing student portfolio or work of existing students or an assignment could be put up as activities for your course. Be as descriptive as possible with your activities since they will be giving your students an insight into all the work the students would be doing through the course. This could even impact your course enrollments.

An unlimited number of activities can be added to the list. Nevertheless, teachers should ensure that adding only course-related activities will help learners connect better as they will be able to make more sense of it

So, here were some features of the next Edwiser Course Format update. We will be rolling out the Edwiser Course Format Update Version 1.0.3 within the next two weeks. 

Are you looking forward to unboxing the rest of the new features? Stay tuned with us while we work on it to bring the update to you soon.

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