A Year In Moodle Plugins — What’s Your #BestOfMoodle2019 Pick?


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Is the plugin you use on love the most worthy of recognition? Don’t sleep on the laurels! The quest for the Best of Moodle in 2019 is fierce. Just ask Titus:

Want to join the event, and perhaps win lifetime access to the splendid “Moodle Quick Bites” Course? Here’s a taste of popular plugins and its mentions and updates during the year

The year in plugins

It started strong for Level Up!

Ad Hoc Query is a godsend every year

xAPI did not ‘break through’ in 2019, but Logstore xAPI enjoys solid numbers

Static pages answers your SEO in LMS prayers

At a time when ‘nudges’ are worthy of Nobel recognitions, Reengagement brings a simple-yet-powerful tool to keep students on track (or bring them back)

Our friends at Edwiser had the awesome idea to make its Edwiser Site Monitor plugin free for all Moodle admins

But the pampering for Moodle admins didn’t end there. Inactive User Cleanup is another can’t miss in the automation toolbox

Video will only grow in LMS adoption. Open source Kaltura reigns supreme but with an unofficial plugin

A mid-year course format special shows there’s countless more ways to fashion your learning in Moodle

The most multicultural plugin ever brings everyone to your Moodle site, in a way they all can understand

As all LMS set up for a new age of interoperability, up your game in advance with LTI Message Handler

Certificates: A necessary evil, or a chance to broadcast evidence, reputation and branding? These options might give you something to play around with

2019 saw the first Moodle plugin built with Machine Learning. From the maker of Poodll, EnglishCentral boasts Natural Language Processing for speech recognition

The new kids on the block are nothing to sneeze at. Among them, Wooclap might give something to keep talking about in 2020

Enjoy these great-looking plugins for free courtesy of bdecent’s thriving consultancy business

Send us your picks for a chance to win

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