Add Table of contents in your course using this Course Module navigation block #MoodlePlugins

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Course Module Navigation is a new block plugin released in the Moodle plugins database this week which allows you to display a Table of Content like summary of the course with sections name and a list of all resources and activities in it. The plugin developed by Bas Brands and clement Prudhomme is a block type plugin which can be used to replace the default Navigation block and display a creative Table of contents within the course.


  • The Plugin replaces classical block navigation in a way to present only the course contents and sections title.
  • Clicking at section name will display the list of resources and activities of the section
  • Clicking at resources and activities will display the page of the resource or activity.
  • If activity completion is used in the course, course navigation block display a circle empty or green to show state of completion.
  • The block can also display only the active section or all sections of the course.


The plugin installation process is very simple and the zip file has to be extracted into Your-Moodle-Site/blocks directory followed by completing the installation process through the Notifications page. Read the Plugin installation guide for complete steps about installing a new plugin in Moodle.

Add Table of contents in your course using this Course Module navigation block #MoodlePlugins

Intended Usage:

The block is intended to enhance the user experience of students by displaying a clear and crisp Table of contents of all sections within the course. The presentation of the block seems to be very good and much enhanced by the addition of activity completion status.

Ease of use:

The block is very easy to use and provides a very simple and intuitive user interface. The teacher will not find any challenges in using this block. It can be displayed on all pages within the course or only home page depending upon your requirements. The only limitation being the incapability to display the label content within the block.


The plugin provides a top-notch documentation page including details about Upgrading, Installing and Uninstalling, Languages and Translations etc.

Does it serves its purpose:

The plugin is serving the intended purpose explicitly without any major issues except the incapability to display the label content within the block. If you would like to display all the course resources in the block then please use the Page resource to add Videos and other content instead of the label.


You can download the Course Module Navigation block plugin from the Moodle plugins database through this entry –


I am happy to rate this plugin with 5 stars out of 5 because of good documentation and clarity of the intended purpose. Also, the small activity completion indicator is nice value addition for the plugin.5-stars-rating
If you also like the plugin, say thanks to the plugin maintainers Bas Brands and clement Prudhomme. Do you ever need to change the default Navigation block in Moodle to enhance the user experience? What is your opinion about the Course Module Navigation plugin? Please share with us in the comments below.

*** Please note that these reviews are based only on the usability part without any consideration for security and performance impact. So if you want to use these plugins, please make sure to test the plugin for security and any performance issues.***


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