Ajax Marking Tool: the end of your grading queue woes?

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When you’re managing loads of students across multiple classes getting to their work to provide evaluation, feedback and grades can take a lot of unnecessary time.  Efficiency in grading and feedback is key for meeting the demands of today’s students.  This new plugin in the database recently caught my eye and purports to provide an easy way to manage grading from a glance (all through the main navigation block).

I’ve had a brief chance to install and test it and it works exactly as described showing all submissions by course for any courses for which you have the teacher role. The plugin solves that issue of consolidating every submission that “needs grading” right from one location (and serves them up as a popup without changing your location!).  A little more testing is needed to see if it carries the same integration with other tools like TurnitIn, Quizzes, and other grade based assignment submissions.

For more information or to give it a go check out

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