All-New Sleek Course Formats For Your Premium Moodle

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By the Edwiser team

Moodle has become an ever-evolving ecosystem, with innovation and experimentation dominating throughout. This constant evolution means there is something always new to try that could contribute to the effectiveness of the learning process.

Edwiser RemUI” is a User-Centric Moodle theme. The theme’s Course Formats bring a fresh new set of layouts for your Moodle courses.

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Before we go ahead, let’s take a brief look at the basics…

Course Formats in Moodle – The What and Why

Course Formats can be defined as the layout and “manner” in which your course content is displayed.

The way you present your content to your learners plays a very important role in ensuring productive e-Learning.

The way your course content looks in Moodle is independent of the theme you’re using. And, that’s why the layout deserves special importance when creating your course.

If your course content is not properly segregated and displayed, learners are bound to lose interest. On the contrary, too many divisions and options disrupt the flow and overwhelm. The sweet spot: A feature-rich, yet sleek Course Format that will keep the learners engaged with complete focus.

Edwiser has always been about providing value. The Team took a lot of user feedback into consideration. Rather unsurprisingly, the results were clearly inclined towards one common goal: Effective student engagement.

‘Edwiser RemUI’ Course Formats, One-of-a-Kind Course Layouts

“Edwiser RemUI” brings you two brand new course formats, with a focus on effective student engagement. These course formats are designed to give a user-friendly look-and-feel to your courses.

Edwiser RemUI List Format

This format by Edwiser RemUI displays your course topics in the form of lists.

The biggest catch being that the topics can be expanded/collapsed, if needed. This ensures that there’s no overload of content for the learner.

In other words, the issue of “Scroll of Death” is completely eliminated.

This Course Format can be used if your course has a lot of content. With a collapsible list type of display, all of this content can then be accessed as per the learner’s requirement.

An Intro section lets course creators add a course description and other guidelines, to ensure an effective transfer of instructions to the learners.

Furthermore, Edwiser RemUI’s list format also offers the scope of adding a profile picture for both instructors as well as learners. This ensures a sense of familiarity and relatability when learners are completing the course activities.

Edwiser RemUI Card Format

Using this Course Format, you can display your topics on neatly stacked ‘Cards’. Hence the name, Edwiser RemUI Card Format.

You can display activities on each section, on that section’s card itself. This ensures a very compact and slick look and feel of your course.

With an added progress bar, you can track your learner’s module-wise course progress.

This Course Format can be best used with courses that require a learner to complete one section to move on to the next. By also using activity restrictions, a progressive type of course can then be created for the learner.

Edwiser is already in the process of introducing uniformity across its course formats. They plan to do this by bringing in an intro section, similar to the one in their List Format.

Summing Up

Every new course format brings you one step closer to creating the ideal Moodle course. The Edwiser RemUI course formats (List and Card) fill in those missing course layouts for Moodle. If you’re thinking about which one to choose, from the two, why not choose both?!

All you need to do is install Edwiser RemUI Course Formats plugin. You can then use both course formats, as per your course needs, via just this one plugin!

These two course formats come as a part of Edwiser RemUI Moodle theme. For more details and a hands-on experience, check out the Edwiser RemUI demo here!

Disclaimer: Edwiser is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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