Amazing Moodle Plugin!! Add interactive content to your course using this plugin #MoodlePlugins

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Have you ever get bored with using different activities for adding images, text, multimedia and other interactive content in your Moodle course? Here comes the new generation Moodle plugin with the release of “Interactive Content” aka iContent developed by Léo Renis Santos.

UPDATE – The Plugin name is recently changed to “Content Pages” instead of the “Interactive Content”.
The new activity plugin Interactive content or iContent is mainly focused on improving the interactivity, usability and accessibility. The plugin is has modern and innovative features such as page markers, AJAX requests, cover page, control buttons, among others resources that gives readers a clean, pleasant and easy environment.
Amazing Moodle Plugin!! Add interactive content to your course using this plugin #MoodlePlugins
The whole activity revolves around creating pages with different types of course material like images, text, questions thereby ensuring productive and effective reading. The teachers can ask questions from the question bank to let the students reflect upon their learning.
Students can bookmark the pages of interest and access them later. Students can also post public or private comments and reply comments for the peers. Even they can send a private doubt message to the teacher.
I am pretty impressed with the capabilities of this new plugin however it seems to be missing a good documentation page and some language strings needs to be more clear.
I will try to play more with the Interactive content plugin and will share the complete in-depth review in upcoming posts. Till then, you can also play with the plugin by downloading your copy from the Moodle plugins database here – 
What are the other plugins to add interactive content in Moodle course? Do share your creative ideas in the comments section below.

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