Academic Moodle Cooperation -AMC announces updates to all 9 plugins #moodle3.3

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Academic Moodle Cooperation (AMC) – the cooperation project between the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna started in 2014.  The purpose of AMC is to ensure long-term operation, maintenance, advancement and support of Moodle and its related services as well as to create synergies for the most efficient use of the partnership institutions’ resources. 
Over the years, more such institutions collaborated to the project which includes the following Austrian institutions:

  • University of Graz
  • Medical University of Graz
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  • University of Vienna
  • Vienna University of Technology

AMC project has contributed various Moodle modules to Moodle project which have emerged from the needs and demands arising from university teaching. Currently, the total plugin count contributed by AMC stands at 9.

Moodle Plugins contributed by AMC:

This includes various popular Moodle plugins like:

  • MC Offline Quiz – The Offline quiz Moodle plugin adds paper-and-pencil multiple-choice quizzes to Moodle. Awarded with the Reviewer’s Choice award, Offline Quiz is the solution to quiz thousands of students simultaneously with Moodle. Don’t forget to check out the cheat sheet for using this awesome plugin here.
  • Student Folder – The student folder has two features: on the one hand participants can upload their documents in the student folder which can be made visible for other students immediately after the upload or after the teacher’s approval. On the other hand it is possible to import documents from the activity assignment.
  • Checkmark – The Checkmark activity module allows teachers to obtain information about the assignments completed by the students prior to a lesson.
  • Checkmark Report – The checkmark report is an extension to the module checkmark and shows the marks and grades for one or more checkmarks in a tabular form.
  • Download CenterDownload center enables all users to download all files, folders as well as all documents of student folders of the entire course as a ZIP archive with a clear folder structure.
  • Grouptool – Grouptool plugin enhances the functionality of Moodle default groups. By using the Grouptool plugin, the students can enrol themselves in groups with waiting lists, and also allows the transfer of grades within groups.
  • Organizer – The organizer plugin allows participants to subscribe to events, which can be created easily and efficiently by teachers.
  • Semsort (semester sorting) -In the semsort block, courses are grouped by their starting dates in a semester view on the Moodle dashboard page.
  • Grade Distribution – The report grade distribution visualizes the grades of students in a course. Changes to letter grades can be analysed visually, saved and therefore overwritten.

Check out all the plugins contributed by AMC here –
For more details about Academic Moodle Cooperation, check out the project website at –

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