Apply The ‘Waxed’ Theme To Groom Your Moodle 3.2 Bristles

Apply The 'Waxed' Theme To Groom Your Moodle Bristles

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The “Waxed” theme for Moodle could be considered the cutting edge in Moodle usability. It is a child of the “Boost” theme, that signed a departure from the classic Moodle look and is launching the Moodleverse into a new era of usability and navigation. And as we come to expect from the Open Source community, eager members quickly jumped to add and customize to their hearts’ content, to the benefit of all. This month, the “Waxed” theme released its sixth update.

“Boost”, and therefore, “Waxed”, are based on the Bootstrap framework, a set of components commonly used in front-end web development. Bootstrap includes HTML and CSS templates that simplify the process of designing a modern website, including among other elements social media icons, typography, and responsive web design. Bootstrap use is estimated in more than 160,000 sites using them. Its popularity and ready-made quality have brought the small penances of a landscape where modern websites often look too similar; and pages that take too long to load as they download a comprehensive array of unused templates. Nothing a skilled developer cannot trim down. Bootstrap is maintained by Twitter, it is free and Open Source.

The “Waxed” theme brings another layer of quick-to-deploy functionality and personalization, with the ability to add Mustache templates. As a “web template system”, Mustache simplifies the creation of multiple pages automatically and is compatible with most popular programming languages. Which also implies that coding skills are critical to take real advantage from Mustache templates, as well as to endure the learning curve of the Mustache syntax.

But even without making use of Mustache templates, the “Waxed” theme comes with a few trimmings that some users might miss in “Boost”:

  • Compatibility with “Bootswatch” Bootstrap theme files (new feature).
  • Additional colour pickers, extending “Boost” settings.
  • Editable footers.
  • Ability to add image as page background, with different images depending on the page section.
  • Last, but not least, a fully customizable panel of social media icons.

The “Waxed” theme is expected to continue on development. If you want to enjoy new features and fixes before they are available in the Moodle Plugin Directory, get it via GitHub.

Or you can install and download the latest verified stable release at its Moodle Plugin Page.

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