Autosave for the Moodle Text Editor? YES PLEASE

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Periodic Autosaving of text editors (think Google docs or Gmail email compositions saved as draft for you automatically) is a growing standard in webbased apps (WordPress is saving this post every minute or so as I type). It’s possible that we could see this added to Moodle 2.6 which would be a great addition to an increasingly polished LMS UI/UX.

This is already in the tracker with a handful of votes, but more vote are always better. If you haven’t signed into lend your support consider this your call to action:

Let’s get an autosave feature in Moodle core.


4 Responses

  1. Quiz already has autosave (since 2.5).

    Saving is not the hard bit. What is tricky is deciding when the saved data should be brought back out form the database and used. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. Reading through the thread that Stuart posted today I see the two options (as I understood them).

    As a WordPress user…I love the ability to see my revisions but that seems like it might be overkill (though I could see the value in version control of course pages). At a minimum, I’d love to see it on the text editor for discussion posts to start. Every time you click “reply” perhaps that signals a “draft” being created until you click submit. Potentially the same logic (every time you click “add a resource/add a page”) it would log the same “draft” status of that resource so that any progress is saved if connectivity is lost. Any unsaved/unpublished would just show up with a ” – draft” designation on the course page (for easy deletion if the autosave was logged but meant to be cancelled)

  3. @tim websockets is the robust/trendy way to go but using local storage and eventsource can give you that WordPress/ functionality Joseph is asking for pretty quickly.

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