Back to School with 3 ways to Jazz up your Moodle pt 2

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It’s back to school week!  We have all the tips and tricks for getting a jump start with Moodle this school term and will be sharing a few of our favorites all this week.

2. Embed Anything in Moodle

One of my most favorite Moodle attributes is the ability to embed nearly any type of content into a Moodle course by using the Plain Text option to insert code.  There are 1000s of sites that will let you embed badges, flash images, videos, posters, quizzes, etc., etc., etc.

If you can master embedding a YouTube video, the sky is limit in terms of what can be embedded into your classroom’s HTML blocks, summaries or web pages/activity descriptions.

The most important thing to know is that your administrator will first need to allow <object> and <embed> for these to work.  By default these tags are not allowed, preventing the embedding of 3rd party content.  This is located within a Moodle’s Security/Site Policies area:

Now, for any site that allows embed code for it’s material, you simply need to be able to copy and paste to the Plain Text area of any Topic/Week summary, Label or Activity/Resource description.  To toggle to Plain Text, just us the <> button in the HTMLArea tool bar:

Embedding code into Moodle video:

Embed Code Pasting in Moodle from John Lenhardt on Vimeo.

So now that you have the tools and opportunity to embed…what should you put into your course?  Your local school internet/firewall policies may limit your ability to embed videos and content from sites like Youtube, however there are LOADS of other video and content sites available that allow embedding of education-related content.  There are too many to list here, but Freetech4Teachers (a wonderful resource for education-based content) has an exhaustive list of embeddable video sites alternative to Youtube:

For another great list of embeddable content, check out

From personal experience, one of my favorite things to embed into Moodle sites/pages is Google Document content (presentations, forms, etc.) which provide a quick and easy way to link two of my favorite tools.

Embedding Google Docs (note that the process has changed slightly with the new version/updates to Google Docs, but still entirely possible once your doc is published):

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