Breaking – PoodLL 3 will be a premium plugin!!!

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PoodLL, one of the best and most downloaded plugin in the Moodle plugins database which adds audio and video recording functionality to Moodle, is going to be a premium plugin soon.
Justin Hunt, the PoodLL guy is also conducting a survey on the premium plugin model for PoodLL, so if you interested then you can fill out the survey form here. It is only 8 questions long, so it will not take that much time.
Acc. to the blog post by the PoodLL guy (Justin Hunt), PoodLL 3 will be available as a premium service outside the Moodle plugins database. He has also started a forum thread on Moodle forums about the premium plugins marketplace but after getting a negative response from Moodle HQ, he is trying himself with the premium subscription model. (See our post on the same news here.)

How will the premium model work?

PoodLL will be available on an annual subscription basis. This will give

  1. download access to all 10 plugins,
  2. read only access the git repositories for each plugin
  3. unlimited email and forum support
  4. regular updates

The original PoodLL, up until the last release 2015070401, will remain available on But it will probably not be updated.

How much will it cost?

There will be three levels of membership, but the exact rates have yet to be decided.

  1. individual teacher – for teachers who pay for their own sites
  2. institution/organization – for schools, businesses and organizations
  3. partner – for those implementing PoodLL on multiple sites

What will be in PoodLL 3?

PoodLL 3 will be implemented and released incrementally. The following features are some of what is planned. In some cases they are already partially implemented. They are in rough order of development.

  • Internal tidy up of code
  • Customizable User/Interface for recorders
  • Better accessibility for screen readers
  • HTML5 audio/video/snapshot recording for supported devices
  • Flexible and simplified audio/video player support in the PoodLL filter
  • PoodLL HQ plugin for managing and statistics on recordings and media files
  • Storage adaptors for storing media/recordings off Moodle (eg Amazon S3)


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