Business And Corporate Moodlers: IOMAD 2.7 Is On The Street

IOMAD 2.7 moodle release

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Scottish Moodle Partner E-Learn Design have recently released version 2.7 of IOMAD. IOMAD is a customized re-packaging of Moodle that is specifically designed for corporate or business Moodlers. What are the differentiated value adds of IOMAD? Specifically, IOMAD:

offers that oh-so-awesome multi-tenancy Moodle alongside a hierarchical system of capabilities to suit a company’s ‘layered’ organisation. IOMAD also offers enhanced reporting, ecommerce and a licensing solution.

The multi-tenancy functionality really is something interesting as it allows a business user to have multiple companies from one instance of Moodle, or perhaps allows one corporate body to use Moodle across a number of different business units in different ways.

For those who are just learning about IOMAD for the first time, the entire core software is free for download here, and there is a demo site you can use to kick the tires here.

Do you use IOMAD for your business? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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