Check out this cool new plugin to import moodle questions into glossary entries and vice versa #Moodleplugins

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Daniel Thies has developed a coll new tool for all Moodle users which allows teachers and administrators to easily convert between glossary entries and quiz questions. The plugin named “Moodle glossary entries” is a question format plugin which can be used to convert between quiz questions and glossary entries.
The plugin is a very handy tool for all the teachers as it can be used to let students work collectively over glossary entries which can be later converted into question entries. The plugin supports Short answer, multiple choice and matching question types. The questions can be exported and downloaded as an XML file in the format used by Moodle glossary export and later can be imported into a glossary as a new set of entries.Check out this cool new plugin to import moodle questions into glossary entries and vice versa #Moodleplugins
The plugin is also awarded with the Reviewer’s Choice badge and Automated Testing Support badge. Reviewer’s Choice badge is awarded by the plugins guardians and reviewers for particularly useful, well coded or otherwise interesting plugins whereas Automated Testing Support badge is given to recent plugins that support automated testing via PHPUnit and/or Behat.
You can download the Moodle Glossary Entries plugin from the Moodle plugins database here – The plugin is available for all Moodle versions starting Moodle 2.6 onwards.
What are the other creative ideas to use this plugin? Do share with us in the comments below.

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