Check out your Moodle site performance using this Benchmark Plugin #Moodle

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Mickaël PANNEQUIN from France, developed a new plugin for Moodle which can be used to benchmark your Moodle site. The plugin named “Benchmark” can be used  to perform various tests to determine the quality of the Moodle platform.
The plugin is currently in Beta stage and can be downloaded from the Github page here. The plugin is tested with Moodle 2.9 onwards. Now, Mickaël  is seeking the community feedback about the plugin in this forum thread.
The plugin has to be installed in the Your-Moodle-Site/report directory and afterwards can be accessed through Site Administration > Reports > Benchmark. When I checked it on my development XAMPP server, the test score shown is similar to the screenshot below:
Check out your Moodle site performance using this Benchmark Plugin #Moodle
However, I was not able to play further with the plugin due to lack of indepth technical knowledge. But I believe that many moodle community members will test this plugin and share their feedback with Mickael.
Currently, the plugin performs 10 tests as below:

  • Moodle loading time
  • Function called many times
  • Reading files
  • Creating files
  • Reading course
  • Writing course
  • Complex request (n°1)
  • Complex request (n°2)
  • Time to connect with the guest account
  • Time to connect with a fake user account

How you are benchmarking your Moodle server? What are the other ways to benchmark your Moodle server? Do share with us in the comments below.

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