Check Out Mootivated, A New Concept In Moodle Gamification

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Mootivated adds a gamification layer on top of a Moodle Site. It consists of a mobile app that provides virtual rewards to students in the form of coins, which they can later spend on a virtual store. It is connected to Moodle via a plugin, which gives admins a dashboard to manage rewards and monitor student behavior.

The mobile app gives students an overview of the progress they have made and the virtual treasures they have collected. It also features an avatar, which students can customize by buying features with the coins they have earned. The store included in the app can also be customized to provide real rewards in exchange for the virtual coins. Examples of rewards, as suggested by the Mootivated site, may include “a week of parking in the principal’s spot, a free lunch at your cafeteria, a slice of apple pie, an extension by Mr. Smith in his English class, tickets to a local event, gift cards.”

Mootivated is a product by a team of Canadian educators based in Chilliwack, British Columbia. It includes teachers, researchers, developers, and a game industry veteran.

Mootivated is currently on early access stage. The Mootivated plugin for Moodle is in development. Visit to learn more and join a waiting list.

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