Check out the sneak peak into the upcoming features of most popular Premium Moodle theme – RemUI by Edwiser #moodlethemes

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RemUI – the premium Moodle theme which had revolutionized the Moodle appearance and looks since its first release, is now all set to take it one step above that. The new version of the RemUI theme which is under development for Moodle 3.3 will boast of many intuitive features which will make your Moodle site looks more than just amazing.
The new & updated RemUI theme will be more sleeker & better than the earlier version and power packed with new features. Recently, Edwiser team have shared some sneak preview of the upcoming features of RemUI theme exclusively with MoodleWorld.

New Features coming in RemUI theme:

Here are the new features from the RemUI theme:

  • Revamped Dashboard – The dashboard is meant to cater all necessary information since the students will initially land on the dashboard page. A quick glance at the Dashboard should give them a gist of what’s happening in their account. 
  • Dash Slider Feature – Remember the exclusive right sidebar introduced in the RemUI theme. In the new version it is upgraded to something more awesome – Dash Slider. The Dash slider is a tabbed slider containing new features which are still worked upon. Here I am listing them down:
    • Contact List with Quick Messaging – Easily send messages and interact with other participants through the simple quick messaging tab.
    • Profile Timeline – Profile timeline corresponds to the activities in Moodle like course completion, new course enrollment etc.
    • Page Specific Preferences – Change settings from the page you are on easily without navigating to the settings page. Seems a much needed time saving option for the teachers as well as administrators.
Check out the sneak peak into the upcoming features of the most popular Premium Moodle theme - RemUI by Edwiser #moodlethemes
Improved Profile Page in RemUI Moodle theme by Edwiser
  • Revamped Left Sidebar with an Overlay – The left sidebar on the Dashboard has been revamped to include the option for an overlay. The overlay has links to frequently used pages and actions such as Create Course, My Courses, Discussions Forum etc.
  • Intuitive Profile Page – The profile Page should contain all details about the students and by introducing the new Profile page, RemUI team have hit the bulls eye. The new profile page includes required links and information presented in a beautiful looks.
  • Improved Calendar – Calendar is a handy tool to check out the upcoming events in course or site wide. The new improved calendar page is visually appealing and gives a professional look.  The right sidebar has the preview of the 3 months events at a glance.

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The theme is currently under development and is getting ready to be released in the month of June. We will keep a close eye on the RemUI theme and keep you updated about the further developments. Find out more details about RemUI theme here.
I am pretty much excited about this premium Moodle theme, what about you? Do you also like the efforts put in by the Edwiser team in developing this awesome theme? Share your views about the RemUI theme with us in the comments section below.

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