Check Out This Moodle “Armor Bundle” Of Plugins

Check Out This Moodle "Armor Bundle" Of Plugins

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With the diversity that characterizes the Moodle plugins to solve even the issues you don’t realize you have, the process of selecting and evaluating can become taxing. Some special editions, like Moodlerooms or CLAMP’s LAE represent possible pathways, but they do not consider themselves encompassing “armor” for Moodle to endure battle for knowledge.

That is why this selection by Halden Ingwersen at Capterra raised my eyebrows in delight. I believe there is a place for Moodle technology curators. They could work within, along or independent from Moodle Partners, and help organizations select the best arrangement of plugins for their unique situations.

Although generally purposed, this list is an attempt to outline complementary services for Moodle. The truth is no two organizations have the exact same quests for they do not cater to one homogeneous alumni. It, however, takes into consideration problems and situations faced by the majority. Chances are Ingwersen interests you in at least one of the plugins.

It is not needless to remind you that download and install of these plugins is completely free, as they are Open Source licensed. The 15 Moodle plugins are:

  1. Badges.
    See our coverage on Badges.
  2. Badge Awarder.
    Moodle Plugin page.
  3. Checklist.
    Moodle Plugin page.
    See our coverage on Checklist.
  4. Configurable Reports.
    Moodle Plugin page.
  5. Essential Theme.
    See our coverage on Essential.
  6. Heatmap.
    See our coverage on Heatmap.
  7. Level Up!
    Moodle Plugin page.
  8. Link Crawler.
    See our coverage on Link Crawler.
  9. Office 365 Repository.
    Moodle Plugin page.
    See our coverage on Office.
  10. Questionnaire.
    Moodle Plugin page.
    See our coverage on Questionnaire.
  11. Question Trends.
    Moodle Plugin page.
  12. Ranking.
    Moodle Plugin page.
  13. Social Wall Format.
    Moodle Plugin page.
  14. Training Sessions.
    Moodle Plugin page.
  15. xAPI Launch Link.
    Moodle Plugin page.
    See our coverage on xAPI.

It might just be my projecting, but I forecast more “Moodle plugin concierge” services will crop up to fill out the evident market gap.

Read Ingwersen’s post at


Would you be interested in becoming a Moodle tech concierge? Give us your pitch in the comments or in our social media presence!


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