Creating Mobile friendly Moodle courses #MoodleMobile

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As the share of Mobile users is increasing on a rapid pace and now it has taken over the desktop users share, so it is essential for all online courses to focus and optimize their courses for Mobile users also.
In Moodle the official Mobile app can be used to improve the learning experience but still you need to optimize your course to cater the requirements of students who are using Mobile to access your Moodle course as all activities are not yet supported by Moodle Mobile app.
Today, I stumbled upon a Moodle Doc for “Creating Mobile Friendly courses” which provides a lot of suggestions for creating Moodle courses into Mobile Friendly Moodle courses, some of which are:

  • Use a mobile-friendly theme
  • Notifications and messages
  • Provide a ‘how to’ guide to Moodle on the mobile
  • Course content
  • Setting up your course
  • Things to avoid
  • Links to open the Moodle Mobile app

Use responsive HTML in pages or mini-sites #MoodleMobile
Use responsive HTML in pages or mini-sites

Complete features of Moodle Mobile app are mentioned here –
How you are making your Moodle course optimized for mobile users? Do you have any other suggestions to crate mobile friendly courses? Do let us know in the comments below.

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