Customize The Moodle Text Editors With These Tips From HowToMoodle

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Administrators of Moodle installations can extend the functionality of the text editors available. Each institution and person is different, but there are common wishes. For example, who wouldn’t want to have a dedicated button for things lik like embedding an image? How To Moodle recently published an article that discusses how to customize the text editor features available.

Text editors do not have all their functions available out of the box – because there are just too many. The toolbars may not leave room for the text! There are many options of text editors available by default in Moodle. Not to mention the ample list of extra editors and enhancers via plugins. Atto and TinyMCE are the default staples.

To change and customize the editors, administrators should go to Site administration ► Plugins ► Text editors. They will see a list including Atto and TinyMCE as well as others available by plugin install.

For TinyMCE, a General settings menu is available. It leads to an editing space. Every line in the field corresponds to a new line of the toolbar, which you can add and take away. To add new buttons it is a matter of writing their names. Items on the same toolbar line separate by comma. Suggestions for new buttons from the article include

  • moodlemedia (for quick embedding of media files)
  • spellchecker (legacy spell checker)

Atto‘s configuration menu is also a text field, but instead of toolbar lines, each line creates a group. They added

  • fontcolor (choose the color of selected text)
  • backcolor (choose the color background or highlight of selected text)
  • emoticon (add an emoticon)
  • rtl (to flip text reading orientation)

Read the full article from HowToMoodle here.

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What is your favorite Moodle text editor? Tell us in the comments below!

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