Customizing Moodle Themes

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There’s an interesting conversation occurring at* on the topic of Moodle themes ( discussion and Moodle group).  Though standard installs come with over a dozen themes, sometimes sites can be found lacking aesthetically.  Modifying your Moodle theme is an easy way to create a more inviting, eye appealing experience for both teachers and students.

Your Moodle’s theme is stored in the theme folder.  With a little tech savvy-ness, FTP access to where your Moodle is installed, a text editor and some online tutorials you can easily customize a Moodle theme to fit your needs.

Several great resources for theme customization help have been posted.  The first is a collection of videos and links from the Moodle Man (Julien Ridden) which takes you through the theme customization process from setup to implementation.  It’s very well documented and will get you started in no time at all.  Note that for this you should set aside a few hours, have a theme customization idea in mind and be ready to try new things (not to mention access to your Moodle install so that you can grab a copy of the CSS files for your base theme).  All of Julien’s great videos can be found here:

Additionally, there’s a simpler text based run through of theme customization at (  This too is easy to follow and worth a peek if you’re editing a Moodle theme.

If you’re not interested in customizing themes then you may want to install a ready-made theme from the theme repository at  There are over 110 free themes available that are both eye-catching and functional.

* is a site sponsored by Elluminate providing educators a free to use online synchronous communication tool based on their Elluminate technology.  For more information:

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