Development For ‘My Course Overview’ On Par For Moodle 3.3

Development For ‘My Course Overview’ On Par For Moodle 3.3

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The upcoming update to Moodle, version 3.3, may offer an interesting new welcome page, courtesy of the Moodle Users Association. Voted by members of the Moodle Users Association as the project of choice for the 2016-I Development Cycle, “My Course Overview” aims to offer timely information about active courses as soon as students log into Moodle.

The project has been in steady development since July 30th of last year, and finally we can test-drive it on Moodle’s quality control site, at To access the testing ground, enter the username-password pair s1s1 to view from a student’s standpoint, or t1t1 from the teacher’s.

On the version visited at the time of writing, we find the Overview right under a user profile banner. It also includes “Timeline” and “Courses” tabs.

Moodle Activities sorted by due date, grouped by segments

“Timeline” is the default tab and it includes a list of activities, which can be sorted by date (the default) or by courses. Sorted by date, we find a segment with “Recently overdue” items, followed by “Next 7 days” and “Future” segments. Each item includes a link to the activity and the name of the course it belongs, the due date, and a direct submission link if available.

Clicking on “Sort by courses” creates larger “Course” frames, with smaller versions of the activity lists. Each frame has a large heading for the course name under a completion bubble with a percent-complete number, and start and end dates. The course frames are sorted alphabetically, with every finished course seemingly on the list.

Course frames with overdue and upcoming activities. If you have a long history of courses, you may need to scroll down to ensure you don’t miss anything.

The “Courses” tab includes tiles that include the name, completion progress circle, and the start/end dates for each course.

The “Courses” tab. Unlike the previous section, which forces you to see everything, here you cannot see past, present, and future courses simultaneously

In summary, “My Course Overview” shows maturity and promise. While there is room for improvement and fine-tuning, it seems this update will be ready by May, the expected release date for Moodle 3.3.

Test-drive “My Course Overview” on the Moodle Prototypes page.

Read some technical specifications on

Check out the original development Issue and the “Epic Issue” at

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