Open Educational Resources (OER) In 2021 — Get Started With These Top-Notch, Easy & Just Lovely Resources

OER Open Educational Resources

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Elearning does not only involve technology. It also consists of instructional strategies to configure an in-depth learning environment for the student. Among other things. After COVID-19 fiercely hit the world, elearning has become a widely used means of supporting academic programs. This has resulted in the increased use of Online Education Resources (OER), a valuable means to access high-quality educational tools and content at little or no cost.

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The purpose of these resources is to improve the quality of education in both virtual and physical schools and universities; in ways that are affordable without compromising quality. More and more students and teachers now rely on these educational tools to improve their level of education. Many teachers and universities are using OER to replace expensive and unmodifiable textbooks.

Useful Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Students

In fact, for many students OER are mostly synonymous with low-cost textbooks. They —perhaps you as well?— would be surprised to learn how much more there is to it. If you are looking for top-notch OER that help you or your students in their education, Here are just some of my favorite picks to help you get started and expand your mind:

Puzzle Maker

Crossword puzzles are amazing and effective tools to improve vocabulary. The puzzle maker tool provides students access to different vocabulary words and challenges them to come up with answers. Teachers can also use this tool to create puzzles for their students. All they have to do is type in the clues, and the tool will convert them into custom crossword puzzles.

Dictionary of Spoken Words

When you teach a new word, how often do your students get to hear it? If you are tired of repeating the same words, it would be a good idea to direct your student to an online dictionary of spoken words. Although the accent you will find in these tools could be slightly computerized, it is highly useful for students and even teachers who want to learn new words with the correct pronunciation.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Research word and essay writing are activities at school and universities that allow room for plagiarism. This is because students feel that if they copy content from other resources, they will not be caught. Unfortunately, more often than we’d hope they are right. While the real issue is not really about “catching” them in the act or not, the message about the value or original thinking and research is not one that is assimilated overnight.

Many online tools allow you to check plagiarism, but schools and universities have a recommended list of tools that students can use. Consult your teachers to know more about reliable plagiarism checkers. The online plagiarism checker free by is a best-in-class, reliable tool for both teachers and students.

Website Checkers

This is a tool that analyzes the quality of internet sources that students have used in the research work. Students are always encouraged to use data from well-recognized websites, all while they develop critical judgement skills to decide whether a source is reputable and trustworthy by themselves. Website checker tools can be used to evaluate the page on the basis of authority, educational value, quality, and originality.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

Students should be sure to keep their work free from all sorts of errors and mistakes. To help correct grammatical mistakes, you can recommend free online grammar and spelling checking tools. This will help them stay on top of their game.

As a teacher, you can use the tool as a second set of eyes to check student’s work. These tools also let you check plagiarism along with grammar check. This way, you can double-check to ensure the student’s work is free from errors and plagiarism.

Online Translators

Every online or physical school offers its own set of spoken languages based on its location. However, English is a widely spoken language in most schools around the world. Non-native English speakers would find the online translator tool extremely useful. If you want to translate something from your language to English or vice versa, then these tools will do the task for you.

Although the tool may not provide a perfect translation, it will at least give you enough idea of how to speak or write a sentence in a particular language. Even experts find it tough to understand rich and difficult English, and resort to online translators for better understanding.

Time Tracking Tool

Last but not least, we have free time tracking and productivity tools that can be used to time your work and better manage your daily learning progress. This way, a student will know how much time they have devoted to their studies and how much more they need to invest.


Students and teachers are advised to run a thorough search on tools mentioned-above before starting to use them. Education is evolving dramatically, and as a student and teacher, you cannot rely on traditional ways of studying and check plagiarism in content. Make these check plagiarism resources part of your learning system and see improvement in your academic results.

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