Docs of the Day: Development Overview & the HQ Decision FAQs

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As a follow-up to the “End of life Cycle” article yesterday at Moodlenews I thought it was important to point out the two new places where you can find the end of life cycle documentation which was first mentioned in the ongoing discussion about the end of support for 1.9 (and whenever that may be).

Good news for 1.9 users is that it was mentioned that the version might be supported beyond the end of 2011, whether by a non HQ entity or community partner, or by Moodle HQ itself if critical mass (20%) was still running Moodle 1.9.  Find the full discussion here : (it’s a very interesting read coming from the many different perspectives of Moodlers around the world, including partners, large scale institutions, colleges, trainers, and developers).

There is now some policy surrounding the release schedules and end of life support for Moodle versions now posted, and it is as follows,

Moodle HQ is committed to supporting the two most recent stable versions. That is, at any point in time:

+We work on the next version but don’t provide production support
+We support the most recent stable version with constant bug fixes
+We support the previous recent stable version, but mostly only serious bugs and security issues
+We don’t support any older versions

Find this and additional development and HQ decision process information at

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