Dublin City, Home Of The First Branded Moodle Mobile App

Dublin City, Home Of The First Branded Moodle Mobile App

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Two months after the announcement of the Branded Moodle Mobile App model, Moodle HQ shows its first client. In an interview with Mark Glynn, Head of Teaching Enhancement at Dublin City University, he shares the process to decide and implement Branded in DCU.

The start of the consideration for the position was the revelation that 30% of traffic to DCU’s Moodle came from mobile. For Glynn it became an opportunity to improve the learning experience:

«I have been following the development of the Moodle Mobile App closely since work on it began

A reason to opt for branding the app, instead of the regular Moodle Mobile app, was the fact that DCU calls Moodle by another name, “Loop”. For Glynn, the reason why goes beyond a matter of preference, but a commitment to Dublin’s philosophy where pedagogy is more important than technology.

He expresses his contentment with how “smooth and hassle free” the process was. A couple of test versions were released until the final apps were published on the respective app store and play store.

Feedback and iteration on the app will continue over the weeks leading to the summer, when a promotional campaign is planned.

Branded Moodle Mobile apps provide a custom skin to match a corporate image. Branded apps update on the same schedule of regular Moodle Mobile apps, guaranteeing new features and security updates available as soon as they are released.

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