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Sam Hemelryk of Moodle HQ posted an update on what’s happening with Moodle’s Element Library recently. The announcement was generally met with enthusiasm from some of the most active theme designers at and should be a really positive step in the right direction for simplifying Moodle themeing and improving the ease of site customization of look and feel. The team is adopting the atomic design approach, it will take time to roll out this across the entirety of Moodle.

If you have a good handle on what the Element Library is, check out the discussion at

Here’s are the basics of what an Element in Moodle is, and why this should end up being pretty great for Moodle. According to a post about atomic design, Elements are the basic components of any website. The buttons, search bars, labels, etc. which formulate any given web page. Elements make the web interactive and cue actions and information on the site. The comment box at the bottom of this post is an element of the page designed to render as shown.

Atomic design is a structured approach to thinking about the design elements of a webpage, scaffolding their user in a couple of increasingly complex configurations (atoms to pages).

What will end-Moodle users get out of this approach? In short, more consistency in the layouts of pages on a Moodle site and an easier roadmap for theme designers to get your site just so. If you’ve ever jumped down a rabbit hole in Moodle and lose breadcrumb navigation in a specific plugin, or maybe the breadcrumb loses context based on how you navigated to a certain page you’re familiar with the inconsistency that a site can introduce to the user experience.

In any event even to a non-tech person like myself it sounds like good news. Read on at

Example of elements on a web page.
Example of elements on a web page [from]


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