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By the Edwiser Team @EdwiserLMS

Student enrollment is the quintessential step of learning with Moodle or any modern LMS. It could very well be considered as the most important aspect of the learning experience, and certainly one we should always be taking care of.

Anyone who deploys an LMS to support an online learning experience does so with one aim in mind: To either maximize the number of successful enrollments, and to make their experience as hedonistic as possible.

To no surprise, every admin has to take care of student enrollment and see to it that students are regularly enrolling in the courses, and if not, the admins of that course should diagnose the problem and bring about the necessary changes in the course content or even marketing of the courses.

Let’s look at some popular ways of enrolling students to your courses in Moodle

Moodle is one of the LMS with the highest number of integrations available, and enrollments are no exception. But you might not even need to set up anything else. Self-enrollment\Email based enrollment and manual enrollment, the most common methods, are available by default in the most recent releases of the popular Open Source LMS.

In self-enrollment, students can just register to a Moodle site and enroll themselves in a course by clicking the enroll button. This is an ideal scenario for a free course that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

In manual enrollment, an admin or teacher has to enroll users in the course manually. To do so, the teacher has to first add the user to the site if he is not already registered, then enroll the user to the desired course. Each user can be added one by one or using a bulk feature?


What’s wrong with Moodle’s enrollment picture?

There are certain limitations in both self-enrollment and manual enrollment.

In self-enrollment, the user can just enroll in the course as soon as they have registered on the Moodle site. The process requires no consent from the instructor. In this case, teachers or admins are not able to keep tabs on which users have enrolled in the course, and moderation of user-generated content spaces like forums becomes a potentially taxing task. Self-enrollment is not an viable option when you have paid courses for students to enroll.

Manual enrollment is commonly used for students in a paid course, or when a teacher wants to keep track of student data. Manual enrollment is also used when a teacher wants control over who wants to enroll on a course. The instructure will have to enroll users who want to attend the course manually.

From managing courses and activities to managing teachers and making sure that all your students are performing well, there’s a lot on your plate! Managing a Moodle site involves a lot of time and effort. Or it would be…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had away to enroll students, hassle-free?

A tool that would save a considerable amount of time figuring things out?

We have some news for you!

Edwiser Forms PRO is a premium plugin that makes bulk site and course enrollment a breeze. A sophisticated, yet user-friedly visual interface lets you build beautiful and powerful forms to gather all kinds of data points about your users, students or customers.

Magic-like, isn’t it?With the Edwiser Forms PRO plugin, you can just select the pre-made “Course enrollment form” template, edit it as you like and add it anywhere on your Moodle site.

The plugin can also be used as a registration form. With this form, a student will be automatically registered to the Moodle site and enrolled in the course simultaneously.

Edwiser Forms, as a course enrollment solution, saves a lot of time and effort. All you have to do is add the form on your site and leave the rest to the students.

When your students will fill in the form, you’ll get all the enrollment requests from the users at one single place, where you can decide if you want to enroll the user or decline the request with just one click.

Want to try for yourself? Check out the Edwiser Forms plugin today!

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