Essential BETA for Moodle 2.9 released!! Stable to be released by Sep End

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Essential theme which is among the most downloaded theme in the Moodle themes database, has been updated to another new Beta version by the maintainer Gareth J Barnard. The stable release for Moodle 2.9 can be released by the end of September .
In a recent forum thread on forums, Gareth announced the release of the new version with following fixes:

– FIX: Issue #529: Divider does not show.
– FIX: MDL-42634.
– FIX: MDL-50323.
– FIX: MDL-51194.
– FIX: MDL-51229.
– FIX: Issue #520: Alternative carousel colours not working.
– FIX: Issue #535: Group mode icons not different.
– NEW: Issue #533: PIWIK Analytics and IP addresses.
– NEW: Improved PIWIK document title.
– NEW: Reduced size of floating button area.
– NEW: Added slider caption opacity when ‘on top’ slide caption option.
– UPD: Issue #530: Essential Custom Menu Hamburger Behaviour – Unable to fix, help wanted.
– UPD: Updated bootstrap.js such that all modules are included as discovered that ‘modals’ were missing.
– UPD: Tidy up icon colours and in alternatives.
– UPD: Changed course icon to colourable Font Awesome alternative.
– UPD: Refactor marketing spot settings in settings.php.

You can download the latest version of the Essential theme from the GitHub Page of the project here.

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