Essential theme updated for Moodle 2.9, 3.0 and 3.1 @gjbarnard

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Essential theme for Moodle has been updated to a new version for Moodle 2.9, 3.0 and 3.1 with updated bug fixes, new features and improvements. However, the version for Moodle 3.1 is still Release candidate which means it is ready for release unless significant bugs emerge.
Gareth J Barnard is doing a great work in adding new features and fixing the existing bugs to this most popular Moodle theme. The new features added in this version are as follows:Essential theme for Moodle beta version released for Moodle 3.1 #MoodleThemes

  • My courses options – adds more options to the sorting and course limit of the ‘My Courses’ menu.  With one option being ‘Last accessed time or enrolment start time if never accessed’ whereby the courses are sorted by the last time the user accessed them and ones that have never been accessed put at the top in order of enrolment start date/time. Many thanks to Linnaeus University for funding this enhancement.
  • Course title images – improved from the administration end to reduce the number of settings on a given setting page. Thanks to Murdoch University for funding this feature.

Complete list of changes in the new versions are mentioned below:

Essential theme is also holding the Reviewers’ choice and Automated testing support badges.
Now whole Moodle community is waiting for the stable release of the Essential theme for Moodle 3.1 which is expected very soon.
Are you also waiting for Essential theme before upgrading your site to Moodle 3.1? Do share with us in the comments below.

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