Event reminders plugin updated for #Moodle 3.0

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Event reminders plugin for Moodle has been updated to a new version compatible for Moodle 3.0. Event reminder plugin for Moodle can be used to automatically send the reminders for Moodle calendar events in a timely manner via Moodle message interface.
The basic features of the Event reminders plugin are:

  • Reminders can have customised delivery times/methods according to event types.
  • Users can control how they receive calendar reminders in their messaging preferences.
  • Reminders are automatically sent (as long as the system Cron process is set up).

The plugin allows you to choose which events to be send as reminders. There are three options.

  • All events: Filter all events without any constraints.
  • Only visible events in calendar: Filters only events that are set as visible in calendar by user. Ignores all hidden events.
  • Only hidden events in calendar: Filters only events that are not set as visible in calendar. Ignores all visible events.

You can download the Event reminders plugin from Moodle plugins database through this link. The plugin is maintained by Isuru Madushanka Weerarathna and is available for all Moodle versions since Moodle 2.2 till Moodle 3.0. Instructions for using the plugin are written clearly on the plugin documentation page here. (Check out our previous coverage on Event Reminders plugin here and here.)
Have you ever faced the situation to send event reminders to your students? How you had faced that challenged? Is there any other way to do that? Do share with us in the comments below.

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