Export book module content as an EPUB v3.0 using Epub Export plugin

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At iMoot-2015 Richard Pilbery presented about adding the EPub export functionality to the book module content in a course and now he has released the plugin on his github account.
However, the plugin is not yet released through the Moodle plugins directory and can be downloaded only through github link, but it is expected soon in the Moodle plugins directory.
This plugin adds a link in the administration block to allow for the exporting of book module content as an EPUB v3.0  You can include a cover photo and metadata for an ePUB export by using the ‘Edit Settings’ link. In the description fields, upload an image (jpg or png) and include the following label:

  • author: Firstname Lastname
  • title: Title of the book
  • description: A description of the book
  • publisher: The ePUB publisher (defaults to author)

You need to extract the contents of the zip files in the Your_Moodle_Site/mod/book/tool directory
I have tested this on my Moodle 2.9 development server and it is working like a charm. You can also download it from this link:
Moreover, an interesting forum discussion is going on about this plugin here:

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