Get Ready for brand new experience with open source ePortfolio – Mahara 16.10 arriving soon! Check out what's new #mahara

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Mahara – the most popular open source ePortfolio is all set for release of the brand new version i.e. Mahara 16.10 with many advanced features which will enhance the user experience and add brand new functionality in Mahara.
The new version which is currently available under the Release Candidate is all set for a stable release on 31 October 2016. New version will include some major features like SmartEvidence which makes it very exciting release.

What’s new in Mahara 16.10

The major features of the new version includes:

  • SmartEvidence – The biggest and most interesting feature of 16.10 – SmartEvidence allows you to work easily with competency frameworks associating your portfolios to certain competencies, skills or attributes. At the same time, you also have a visual overview of your progress to date. The feature is still evolving and under development but still you can work with that and start using your own competency frameworks. You can also see a brief demo of the SmartEvidence feature here.

Get Ready for brand new experience with open source ePortfolio - Mahara 16.10 arriving soon! Check out what's new #mahara

  • Support for New media file formats like
    • 3GPP
    • OGG audio
    • WEBM video
  • Hide deleted comments when not needed for context
  • Copy the “Tagged journal entries” block configuration
  • Skins are private per default
  • Don’t show watchlist and objectionable content links on your own pages
  • Inactive users are highlighted in the administrator’s user search
  • Clear caches

Check out the complete list of new features coming in Mahara 16.10 here.
If you would like to contribute to the Mahara project then you can help test the Release Candidate 2 version of  Mahara 16.10 on your test servers for any bugs/issues.
Have you ever used Mahara ePortfolio with Moodle? Which other ePortfolio system you are using for your learning system? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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