Go 3-D, MindMap Moodle, A Super Gradebook, And More: Moodle Plugin Roundup 八月

Go 3-D, MindMap Moodle, A Super Gradebook And More: Moodle Plugin Roundup 八月 | Modelos 3-D, Cursos en Vista de Mapa Mental y Mucho Más: Resumen de Complementos Moodle del Mes

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We’d like to thank the developers mentioned below for letting us know about exciting updates to their plugins, which the Moodleverse can now enjoy for free. If you’d like us to feature your plugin next month, reach out to us through the contact page! Tell us interesting challenges or development stories worth sharing.

Display OBJ 3-D Models with Wavefront Renderer

Course teachers can create and edit model views for 3-D objects coded in a .OBJ file extension and add texture files for their surfaces. Students can comment on the object page. A sample model is included in the plugin.

Click here to check out the Wavefront Renderer plugin by Ian Wild.


Streamline Your Moodle Gradebook with Grade Book

This plugin improves the usability of Moodle Gradebook, a powerful control tower for all things related to grading, but one that can prove to be a challenge to tame. The Moodle Gradebook allows mathematical expressions, such as averages, finding maximum values, and rounding figures up or down. This plugin offers a handy interface for step-by-step calculation.

Check out the Grade Book plugin by Daniel Tome Fernandez here.


Revolutionize the Visualization of Your Moodle Path with MindMap Format

This mind-bending plugin outlines the complete path of a Moodle course through a mind map model. It is organized by sections, modules, and activities. It shows links to all interrelated activities and updates grades and upcoming deadlines. As this new version no longer requires Java nor Flash, a sudden tick in popularity among Moodlers is a clear possibility.

Find the MindMap Format plugin by Łukasz Sanokowski here.


Sync Your Class with the Rising Sun with the Japanese Calendar

According to this calendar, we currently live in year 29 of the “Heisei” era. Add this calendar for Japanese students or as part of a culturally immersive Moodle course.

Check out the Japanese Calendar plugin by Adrian Greeve here.


Color Code Your Moodle Control Panel with Tuteur

This plugin replicates the assignment completion report panel, highlighting places that ask for priority response or were recently updated. It shows whether a specific student has made their requested submission and if the teacher has given any feedback. Currently enabled for the Assignment, Quiz, Journal, and Lesson activities, the plugin also offers grouping and filtering options.

Click here for the Tuteur plugin by Marc Leconte.


Boast Your Popularity with the Visitor Counter

A simple and classic gizmo shows the number of visitors to a Moodle site or course since a defined starting date. The display is fully customizable using CSS code.

Find the Visitor Counter plugin by David Herney Bernal here.


Save Your Best Pieces of Insight with Structured Feedback

This plugin offers a page where teachers can add any “criterion” with common suggestions and corrections using a fast AJAX interface. When reviewing student work, teachers can choose those criteria that apply and give students a straight or modified version of it. This allows the creation of several criteria sets for different kinds of input.

Click here to find the Structured feedback plugin by Ruslan Kabalin and Tony Butler.


Take Your Courses on a Carousel Ride with Course Slider

This plugin adds a frame on top of a Moodle site with a rotating display of courses available. It is fully customizable, from its layout and size to the animation and navigation options. For best results, the plugin’s developers recommend using it with the “Adaptable” theme.

The Course slider plugin by Jez H, Fernando Acedo and Manoj Solanki is found here.


Keep Authorities in the Loop with the Site Outcomes Report

This plugin generates reports readable by humans from a list of bespoke presets. It synthesizes student outcomes across activities or course grades, grouping them into performance categories.

Check out the Site Outcomes report plugin by Matthew Davidson here.


Schedule One-to-One Meetings in Advance with Facetoface

Add the Facetoface plugin to your site if you’re looking for the perfect tool to schedule face-to-face appointments taking place in physical locations. A teacher or admin can create meeting time windows, spanning one or more days, during which students can schedule a visit. Once the appointment is confirmed, it sends reminders to users and managers.

The Facetoface plugin by Stacey Walker and the Catalyst IT team is found here.


Let Students Reply with More Than a Thousand Words’ Worth with Sketch for Atto

There is an easy-to-use feature for the Atto text editor that allows users to create drawings using the HTML canvas property and the open source application Literally Canvas, perfect for stylus-ready pads or touch screens. Make sure Atto is enabled as a text editor in your Moodle site to work.

Click here to access the Sketch plugin by Matthew Davidson.

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