Grid Course Format Refactored for Moodle 2.5

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Gareth Barnard and Julian Ridden, maintainers of the Grid Course format have released a refactored version for Moodle 2.5 which fixes a few bugs and other issues and polishes the format overall (forum post),

The purpose of this release is primarily a clean up the code exercise facilitating more use of YUI, separation of the code from other plugins and removal of out of date web design practices – mainly the use of ‘onclick’ in ‘a’ tags.  The shadebox code is now cleanly attributed to the format which means that you should be able to reuse / adapt it for your own purposes without conflicts.

Change highlights,

1. Code refactoring to reduce and separate the format as a separate entity.
2. Corrected as much as possible as detected by ‘Code Checker’ version 2013060600 release 2.2.7.
3. Once the first box is shown then the ‘Enter’ key will toggle the ‘current’ box hidden and shown.
4. Changed the order of the history so that the latest change is at the top.

The Grid Format is a unique spin on Moodle course layouts giving you the flexibility of an intermediary screen with display icons/images for course sections.  Check out some screenshots of a past version here:


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