H5P Is Officially A Moodleverse Member, Welcome Ceremony Held In MoodleMoot Netherlands

H5P Is Officially A Moodleverse Member, Welcome Ceremony In MoodleMoot Netherlands | H5P, Cada Vez Más Integrado a Moodle

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Corrections made on May 30th.

The latest edition of MoodleMoot Netherlands, or more affectionately “Ned-Moove,” came to an end the last Thursday of May, celebrating its 10th anniversary. While not among the larger gatherings, Ned-Moove holds a special place in the Moodle scene given the sprawling activity in EdTech innovation from this country, and its central place across the region.

​But another reason why Ned-Moove 2017 reached a new level was because of its keynote speaker. A top presenter in his own right, Svein-Tore Griff spoke as a representative of his team, the creators and maintainers of the HTML5 content standard H5P, which slowly but steadily garners the attention and favors of interactive instructional designers everywhere. As Peter Jonker from reports, the local audience was for the larger part familiar with H5P.

​As we have reported, throughout the year, H5P has made special efforts to give Moodlers tools​ to create powerful, interactive content. It is moving towards a vision for an “H5P Hub” within Moodle, where users can create and collaborate across the content types offered by H5P, a list that keeps increasing. The H5P Hub is also envisioned as a repository of open-license interactive content for educators to draw from and contribute to, not unlike the many OER initiatives​ at varying stages of development today.

​But Griff had something special for the Dutch community: ​The launch of Branching Scenario, the new H5P Content Type from the more than 30 already available to use. Branching Scenario can be best described as an interactive “choose your own adventure” type. See an example below:

Clarification Statement: ​The “Branching Scenario” is, to date, not available as an H5P Content Type. The illustration above is a proof of concept based on the Presentation type.

A final update for the Moodleverse, which Griff did not disclose to the Ned-Moove audience, is the upcoming Moodle Gradebook link. It will allow teachers to set correct answers in H5P Activities, grade students on their accuracy, and send performance information to automatically add to the student grade for the course. H5P content types such as “fill in the blanks” already support Moodle Gradebook, while support for others (such as “course presentation”) will be available soon.

​To sum up, the H5P plugin for Moodle is evolving into a Hub for interactive content sourcing, creation, and collaboration. A new “Branching Scenario” content type provides narrative paths. Finally, the Moodle Gradebook link will send student performance on H5P activities directly to their subject score.

On behalf of the H5P core team, Griff once more shared his commitment to listen and engage with the Moodleverse.

​For a more complete coverage of Ned-Moove 2017, read this eye-witness account by Peter Junker from (in Dutch). An automated translation is available here.

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