Here Is Why Level Up! Earned MoodleNews Readers’ Top Honors This Summer

Here Is Why Level Up! Earned MoodleNews Readers' Top Honors This Summer

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Nothing more fitting for the first edition of the MoodleWorldCup, a friendly excuse to showcase the Moodle plugins the community raves about, than for a gamification plugin to win! Admittedly, it was a bit of sleeper hit, given the undeniable popularity of the “Fordson” theme throughout the tournament (and long before).

For the tournament, fans from all over the world showed up when it mattered most to “score” for Level Up!, a complete gamification solution by Australia’s Branch Up, with Moodle HQ alumnus Frédéric Massart at the helm. Fun story: the plugin predates the company, whose official launch is currently scheduled at the end of this countdown clock! It is mainly a reflection of the quick growth in adoption and favorability, as supported by the official Moodle Plugin Directory figures: 258 fans (the thirds largest as of writing), over 3,100 registered sites using it, and about to crack four thousand downloads in the last 90 days.

How Level Up! Gets Gamification Right

Level Up! takes a points collection approach, displayed on a Moodle block available for a course’s main page or the supporting bar available at many modern themes. Instructors can assign points for access and completion of Moodle activities, and the block shows how students are racking them up. Many other digital tools have used this simple mechanism with a high effectiveness potential to encourage perseverance.

Beyond the “XP points” block, a series of interfaces help the learner engage with their progress: an “Information page” displaying the levels (as default or set up by the instructor), the points and rewards required to reach them, a course “Leaderboard,” “Reporting,” and “Settings.” Teachers have increased control over what a student can see and do on them.

Among the most notable upgrades in its latest release this past July, Level Up! adds compatibility with Massart’s Shortcodes, a Text Filter-type plugin named after the equivalent WordPress functionality. From the Moodle text editor, the instructor can add a simple code to show a personalized badge, progress bar or “ladder” (fragment of the ranking with the student and contenders above and below, if any).

Another important upgrade is the implementation of the “Privacy API” to facilitate GDPR compliance and data requests.

Level Up! is available for install or download from the Moodle Plugin Directory. An “Experience Points” plugin family includes “XP” points as a condition to access content or to enroll on another course. It is also one of the 10 plugins premium users of MoodleCloud can add to their sites.

Fan testimonial

The following is a “short story” from Moodler Lee Keller, submitted to MoodleNews by Massart:

«At my organisation, I wanted to demonstrate the power of gamification that would encourage learning and completion of courses. Level Up! is the only plugin I found that allows gamification elements to be customised and make the learning process competitive and fun.

»We first used Level Up! on a compliance course for our 186 principals. We actually had 216 participants in the end as assistant principals saw the scores and wanted to “beat” their principals’ scores.

«With Level up! we saw a participation increase of 16% and a 100% completion rate. Most of our 400 courses now use Level Up.

«It is the best plugin out there for gamification

Go premium with Level Up! Plus

Educators and designers might want to consider Level Up! Plus for a more robust gamification solution. Three paid tiers allow them to implement it in 1 or 3 websites and get support and additional features, including:

  • Moodle app support
  • Limiting points earned
  • Advanced cheat guard
  • Premium badges
  • Report CSV exporting

and more.

Compare Level Up! tiers and buy here.

Join the launch! Visit the Branch Up site countdown clock.■

Do you want your plugin, theme, Moodle site or custom development featured in our Top of 2018? Let us highlight you first! Contact us (or here) for sharing your latest work with the community.

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