How to: Vote for and Follow tickets in the Moodle Tracker

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If you’re not a developer you might never have gone over to the Moodle Tracker. The Tracker is an installation of Jira by Atlassian. In my own words, Jira is a bug, enhancement and ticket tracker for development efforts (many companies like StraighterLine use it to track progress and issues for their own development). Moodle’s tracker is a great way to check out new efforts, provide comments (say, if you created a ticket or know something about a ticket) or even to submit a new bug if you’ve found something not correctly working in Moodle.

If you’re interested in following progress, it’s called “watching” an item. If you want to log your support of an issue you can “vote” for it. To get started you’ll need to jump over to and make sure you have a username and password. It’s a great resource for finding what’s being worked on, contributing ideas and watching them progress through the stages of development or resolution. Increasingly as well, it’s a great way to stay in touch with contributed projects as the community developers are also using Jira to work through issues found in their Moodle Addons. It could be a little overwhelming for sure, but it’s also a great way to get notifications of when Moodle development important to you is getting worked on (and what’s the nature of the update).

Now, let’s suppose that you’re interested in the Essential theme by Julian Ridden. First login and locate the home page of Tracker. By clicking on Addon’s that will give you all of the tracker items connected to 3rd party plugins like themes, filters, reports, etc.:


The Addons home page will allow you to see all sorts of stats about how many bugs are submitted, open, and more. To drill down to the issues click Issues.


To get a quick list of all the unresolved components you can click the eye or to see the full list. Both work, the eye will let you search, while the list will let you see each contributed addon which is listed as a tracker component.


Enter to search or use any of the filters to refine your search results. In this case I searched for “Essential” (but note that some users might also have said that a features is “essential” so you could get some murky results without further refinement).


On the search results page I can see a lot of results, but at the bottom are all of those part of Theme: Essential.


If any of the items were issues that I also have verified and are bothersome to me, or maybe I want them to be tackled as the next enhancement I can simply vote for the item or become a watcher. Voting will log your support, but Watching will provide you with emails anytime progress is made on an issue you’re watching (including comments, reorganization, status or even if it’s been completed).


Jira is an incredibly powerful tool even for non-developers.

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