Interested in Speech Recognition To Teach Language? Check Out This Plugin From SpeechAce

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Recently, Abhishek Gupta from SpeechAce, started a thread in the Moodle forums regarding a speech recognition plugin that the company has developed for helping teaching language.

I’ve only watched the demo video they’ve provided thus far, but I have to agree with the responses in the forum – this looks like a very cool (and substantial) addition to the Moodleverse. You can check out the full demo video here:

I especially appreciate the fact that the plugin breaks down the speech being learned by syllable. This allows the learner to be able to focus on just the key aspects of pronunciation they are having difficulty with. The applications for ESL classes (the company’s initial focus) are immediate and could be profound.

My only question/issue from watching the demo was the amount of clicking going on in the software. While the demo makes it all look seamless with no delays, I’m guessing this could be a hiccup for students as the system records, parses and plays back their recorded sound files. However, the feedback already in the forum did not note this as a problem.

If you pop over to the forum on Moodle, you may still be able to request a trial license for this software. Click here to visit the thread.

There is also the ability to check out how it all works on the SpeechAce site here:

How do you teach speech and language in Moodle? Tell us in the comments below.

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